Тест по английскому языку

Пройти онлайн-тест необходимо для определения уровня владения английским языком. Рекомендовано выполнять тест без использования словарей и справочных материалов. Тест состоит из 20 уровней, по 5 вопросов в каждом.

1.You can trust her. She is very _______________.

2.I’m 20, my brother is 25 and my sister is 30. I’m ___________ in my family.

3.He ___________ his leg when he fell off the bike.

4.Where did you go ____ a business trip?

5.There was a beautiful woman ____________ next to the window.

6.Kate’s parents are coming back next week. We __________ look after her anymore.

7.Not until 2015 ___________________ for them to move to London.

8.She always __________ yoga in the morning.

9.Peter __________ to Paris last month.

10.If the weather ______ good tomorrow, we _________ to the beach.

11.My friend __________________ entering the university in Moscow.

12.Knowing foreign languages _________________ play an important role while applying for a job.

13.There are some important __________ issues like taxes and unemployment to discuss.

14.The joke was so funny that she burst ______ laughter.

15.I wish I ___________ Chinese.

16.I’m used ____________ up early, it isn’t a big problem for me.

17.She can’t ________her hair, there isn’t any shampoo.

18.There __________ butter in the fridge.

19.The local authorities are _______________ of building a new sports ground.

20.We are going to __________ the number of employees.

21.It’s almost 10 p.m., I’m so tired, but I haven’t finished my report yet. I ________ it for 8 hours.

22.________ feeling Ok? You look exhausted.

23.The heatwave and downpours can cause a lot of problems for the agricultural sector. What are the weather conditions?

24.His car has broken down. He needs to ________________.

25.I can hardly breathe. It’s ____________ hot in this room.

26.I hope you’ll let me know as soon as __________________.

27.Sally ___________ when she was 70, she wanted to spend more time with her grandchildren.

28.I visited this ___________ to buy a new phone two weeks ago.

29.There ___________________ a great fight, if the police hadn’t arrived.

30.The unemployment,________ has been increasing for the last 5 month, is going to undermine the economic and political stability.

31.Teachers need to be very __________________.

32.At the restaurant: “Have you eaten already? Let’s ask for the ___________?”

33.“My cousin is very rich”. The speaker’s cousin:

34.I’ve been learning German ______________ my childhood.

35.“The number of my boarding gate is 34F”. The speaker is talking about ____________.

36.“ I’ve got a terrible toothache” “ Maybe you ________ go to the dentist”

37.The scientists are _____________ important experiments to create a new medicine for cancer.

38.I’m shocked that you forgave her. If she behaved like this with me, I____ never_____ to her again.

39.Our well-trained ________ are friendly and efficient.

40.We _________________ the football match 1-1.

41.Does he want _________ to the cinema?

42.Cows and sheep are usually kept as____________.

43.Inflation is ____________ at the moment, so prices aren’t going up.

44.Inequality in the world has increased _______ rapidly that people have started to feel alienated from society.

45.The DJ played such terrible music that he ______________the dance floor.

46.They_____________ me a hundred euros. When are they going to pay me back?

47.When I was at school, I never _________ classes.

48.He’s taking _________ mortgage to buy a house.

49. ___________ makes me happy today is spending a lot of time with my daughter.

50.These vegetables are _________ . They haven’t been cooked at all.